Many of my paintings and watercolors are inspired by nature, often found in far away places, preferably in locations where the pristine nature not yet is affected by cultural control. I am engaged by the genesis and growth in nature. Often my paintings are created from a non-structured chaos of paint stains, which I searching try to organize to an associative (reminder) image. Special to the silence and emptiness of deserted landscapes I feel attracted.

My watercolors are, in contrast to his usually fairly elaborate oil paintings, limited to more volatile impressions, landscapes and figure studies.

The graphic work is fairly anecdotal; particularly the engravings are sometimes symbolic and expressionistic tinged.

Through the years my style varies from abstract to figurative and decorative spatially, but probably recognizable as a personal style, but not so easy to be hosted by the established style categories. There's always been a certain abstraction to emphasize the essence.



                                                     ABOUT ME



Name: Sybren de Graaff

Birth: 1934, Rotterdam

Address: Art Studio GRAVURE, Lekbandijk 31, 4119 RA Ravenswaay (Gld.) Holland

Phone. 00 31 345 55 87 15

E-mail: sybrendegraaff@wxs.nl

Internet: www.welcome.to/sybren



- RIJKS H.B.S.-B, Middelharnis, art teacher: Jaap Ploos van Amstel.


(teachers a.o.Paul Citroen,Willem J.Rozendaal, Dirk van Gelder.)

- ARTIBUS, Utrecht: Portraits and model painting.

- VRIJE UNIVERSITEIT, Amsterdam, philosophy



1955 - 1965: Freelance graphic designer and illustrator

1959 - 1971: Teacher in arts and art history on resp.


- MARNIX P.A., Utrecht.

- OOSTERLICHT COLLEGE, Utrecht/Nieuwegein.

1971 - 1994: Headmaster OOSTERLICHT COLLEGE.

From 1986: Independent visual artist.



2008: De Steeg, Kunstsalon Villa Nova, "Landschappen op ooghoogte", oilpaintings

2007: Buren, Poortgebouw Museum, "Mensen & Mythen", paintings and etchings.

2006: Kunstroute Buren B!zonder, oilpaintings, watercolours, graphic art

2003: Firenze, Biennale Firenze, Italy, December 2003, oilpaintings (tryptich "THE ATTACK")

2002: Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, Salon SNBA 2002, graphic art.

2002: El Paso, TX-USA, Bridgecenter of contemporrary Art, "Encuentras/Encounters", etchings.

2002: Barcelona, Galeria d'Art Zero, "Entre los sentidos", etchings.

2002: Juárez, Mexico, Galery Gino d'Artili, duo-, graphic work

2001: Saint Maur, Ateliers d'Art, Salon 2001, group-, graphic work..

2001: Paris, Carrousel du Louvre, Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux Arts 2001, group-,etchings.

2001: Draveil, Château de Villiers, Salon du CHENE d' ANTIN de L 'Association des Arts Plastiques, etchings

2000: Varennes, Galeries des Arts de Ville de St. Maur, group-, graphic work.

1999: Amsterdam, Galerie Rijbroeck, solo-, oil paintings.

1999: Amsterdam, World Trade Centre, paintings.

1999: Nantes, Ecopole, group-, paintings and prints.

1998: Zeist, Slot Zeist, group-, water-colours and etchings.

1998: Geldermalsen, Galerie 'Opus 5', solo-, oil paintings

1998: Saint Nazaire and Blois, group-, water-colours, etchings and drawings

1997: Zaltbommel, Galerie 1632, solo-, paintings and water-colours.

1997: Nantes, Salle des Petits Murs, group-, water-colours and prints.

1996: Poitiers and Orléans, group-, water-colours and drawings.

1994: Bois Joubert, Maison de la Nature, group-, water-colours.

1993: Wijk bij Duurstede, Galerie Greet van Vulpen, oil paintings.


- PRIX BRACQUEMOND du Salon SNBA 2001 ( "Diplôme d'Honneur" pour l'oeuvre graphique ).



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